7 December 2021

Cleaning your aura

Aura cleansing mists are fantastic for clearing negative energy from your aura and personal space.

The aura is a multi-layered energy field around your body. We all have auras around us, it’s not just a New Age theory. Your aura is constantly interacting with all the frequencies around you. Sometimes you can get entangled with someone else’s lower energies. If you feel low, stressed, tense or drained, you could probably do with an aura cleanse.

You can use the aura mist regularly, every morning and evening, to add balance and harmony to you space. However you can also use them to freshen and positively enhance your space before meditation or between clients.

Before spraying the mist please set an clear and positive intention. Be grateful and imagine all negative energy around you is grounded into the Earth. You can spray the mist above your head two or three times, allowing it to fall gently into your aura. Or you can spray it in front of you and walk through it. Spritz your room to freshen and remove negativity, or even simply mist your pillow or bed linen before bed. Whatever you prefer.

All Bo-tanics mists are developed with the best intentions, but your own personal focus, contained within a mantra of positivity and self-love, will really help raise and keep your vibration high.

So just like tidying up a cluttered drawer, we can also ‘declutter’ our energy from lower frequencies.