14 february 2022

Soul Support mist

Bo-tanics Soul Support mist is a calming essential oil blend, developed for emotional support.

By now we are all quite aware about how important our immune system is for us. Stress and lack of sleep both impair your innate healing ability. So we really need to ensure our levels of both are kept in check.

Calming stress is not always easy. You’re trying to manage your responsibilities, or other pressing issues that can easily pray on your mind. How do you relax?

Exercise is always a great way to start. One effective method is focussing on your breath. This can easily be done during your meditation or yoga practice. Maybe you prefer relaxing in a bath laced with Epsom salts, letting your favourite essential oils soak away your stresses. Lavender oil is always a great place to start, as it has a very calming effect, but you could also choose Bergamot, Frankincense, or my current favourite, Vetiver.

"Hallelujah, I am feeling better, more relaxed, and calmer. … I could fly I feel so relieved. Spraying my Soul Support several times a day and on my hubby too. Love it! Thanks Bo. Beijinhos, C."

Another de-stressing method is to spray yourself and your environment with Bo-tanics Soul Support mist. This blend has been formulated to relieve anxious states. It provides reassurance and calm when you are caught up in a cycles of stress, tension, worry or uneasiness.

The intention with this blend is to quieten your inner critic, allowing self-acceptance and kindness towards yourself to flourish. In return, loving yourself and feeling more positive emotions helps to raise your vibration and your immune system strengthens.

Essential oils included in this blend are:

Copaiba helps to reveal and heal feelings of guilt and shame.

Spearmint inspires clarity and confident verbal expression.

Bergamot Mint uplifts and calms to the senses.

Geranium imbues love and trust.

Lime adds a zest for life, and elevates your mood.

Lemon Myrtle promotes clarity, positive and clear thinking.

Myrrh helps to rekindle the trust within yourself.

Soul Support is packaged in a 50ml violet glass bottle, that can be easily stashed in your handbag, or coat pocket. Keep it close at hand for when you feel the need for a little extra support; a hug from Bo-tanics.

Just click the link below to buy this little bottle of positivity and stillness.