9 December 2021

Using Bo-tanics mists.

Our mists can be sprayed into your aura, into the air or onto your bed linen.

There are a number of ways you can use these aromatherapy sprays. Spritz once or twice over your head, and let the mist filter down through your aura. You can also spray in front of you and walk through the mist. Our sprays have not been developed as perfumes.

Whilst misting a minute amount of essential oil may land on your skin All the essential oils contained in our bottles are well diluted. Nevertheless we still advise you to be cautious when using them for the first time.

A 24 hour skin patch test is important if you have any health issues or sensitive skin. Avoid spraying into your eyes and on any mucous membranes.

Please consider the following before using our aroma mists.

• Our sprays are not recommended to be used during pregnancy.

• Citrus oils are phototoxic and can cause skin sensitivity or pigmentation if used before sun exposure. Please note, that these oils are well diluted.

• Please do not use these sprays on or around your pets or animals. Animals can be very sensitive to essential oils. We advise you to contact your veterinarian before any use is considered.