20 april 2022

NEW! Soul Roots chakra mist

Bo-tanics Soul Roots chakra mist , providing daily support for your root chakra, your centre of survival.

Our chakra journey starts at the root. In Sanskrit is called the Muladhara chakra, meaning root or support. We know it as the root or base chakra and it is located at the bottom of the spine.

Chakras are energy centres in our bodies and the word derives again from Sanskrit, which means wheel or disk. We have seven major chakras that are on the midline of our bodies, from our coccyx to the top of our heads. Each main chakra is closely associated with a specific organ or endocrine gland and can be seen as small vortexes that radiate energy out of our bodies. Each chakra has a physical, emotional and spiritual layer, and holds a different aspect of ourselves.

Imagine your chakra system is like a river divided into seven parts. If one part is clogged this will affect the ‘flow’ to the other parts of the river system. Each chakra can become blocked by suppressing emotions, fears or holding onto feelings that should be let go.

Near the base of the spine is where our kundalini energy resides. When this energy journeys up through the chakras it is called Kundalini rising. Kundalini is responsible for the manifestation of matter. Without it, our physical body, including our world cannot exist.

Kundalini energy needs to be awakened for spiritual development to be possible. Whether you are aware of this energy or not, once on a spiritual journey your Kundalini energy is awakened. Kundalini energy enables your brain cells to register higher ‘spiritual’ experiences. It also improves and upgrades the physical body.

According to Hindu tradition, when the kundalini energy is awakened, it travels through each chakra on the way to your crown. Once the energy has reached the crown one is said to have achieved enlightenment.

The root chakra is the centre of survival and basic human needs. It resonates to the colour red, and has the platonic tone of 194.18Hz, the tone of the Earth.

The root also controls and energises the muscular and skeletal systems, energising bone marrow therefore affecting blood quality and production. As your heart is a muscle this chakra also affects the physical heart. If your chakra is over-activated this can result in hyperactivity, restlessness or even insomnia. A healthy balanced root chakra is crucial for good health and youthfulness. Think of this chakra like the roots of a tree. If the tree’s roots are weak then the tree is not stable.

In summary the root chakra controls, strengthens and energises the whole physical body

the muscular and skeletal systems

the spine

production and quality of blood

the adrenal glands

body tissues and internal organs

cells growth rate

general vitality


When the root chakra is functioning properly we experience feelings of being safe and secure. We can relax into the present moment and feel confident and happy within our surroundings. This manifests as a healthy home life and relationships, and financial security. You are grounded and have a realistic approach to life. You experience a healthy balance between realism and optimism. Being able to keep your cool in moments of panic or anger show that your root chakra is balanced, meaning it maintains equilibrium and spins correctly.


A person with a blocked root chakra (spins too slowly or not at all) is likely to make plans but not follow through with them. They may procrastinate about things, have low self-esteem, be self-destructive and fearful.


When your root chakra is over-activated (spinning too fast) you may become over-materialistic or self-centred, have bullying tendencies or engage in physical recklessness, including addictive behaviours.


Balancing your root chakra can be done in many ways.

Stand in your power and work on your self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Yoga is a valuable tool, especially the Bridge, Warrior and Triangle poses.

Meditation with crystals, black tourmaline, smoky quartz and hematite are good choices.

Listen to binaural beats.

Walk barefoot, ground yourself to the earth.

Wear or meditate on the colour red can also help to reduce fears that can cause blockages in this area.

Use Bo-tanics Soul Roots chakra mist, essential oils are very high frequency and can help to manifest vibrant health and positivity.


Soul Roots has been formulated to help send your roots to the earth. It offers daily support for your root chakra. It is a reiki-infused mist imbued with the platonic Earth tone of 194.18Hz.

It is suggested that your spray around your aura and your root chakra first thing in the morning, and last thing before bed. It can also be sprayed at any time your require, around yourself or your sacred space. It has been developed to help grounding, motivation and inner balance.

Essential oils included in this blend are:

Cypress creates energetic flow and emotional catharsis, aiding flexibility and trust in the flow of life.

Copaiba imbues feelings or worthiness, clarity and forgiveness.

Pink Pepper helps with self-acceptance, giving compassionate and kind thoughts to self.

Cardamom allows you to take personal ownership and responsibility for your feelings.

Cedarwood connects to the Earth’s energy. It helps to calm the mind, providing protection, purification and peaceful thoughts.

Siberian Fir encourages an honest and gently approach to assessing your life choices.

Soul Roots chakra mist is packaged in a 50ml violet glass bottle, that can be easily stashed in your handbag, or coat pocket. Keep it close at hand for when you feel the need for a little extra chakra support; a hug from Bo-tanics.